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The Malcolm Family, 2011 Jake, Grace, Phil, and Robin


My name is Robin Malcolm. I wear lots of hats: I am a wife, mother, missionary, writer, and a children’s minister. I am a native of the Pacific Northwest but have lived in France, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, and Missouri. My husband Phil and I have two children– one launching out into adulthood, and one in college.

We have been full-time children’s missionaries since 1999. Prior to that, we were children’s pastors in Washington and Oregon states from 1991-1998. Through the years, we’ve been active in children’s ministry on every level from volunteer through national leadership, and in numerous cultures around the world. Currently we are involved in leadership training for children’s ministers, lay-training for children’s volunteers, and development of curriculum and training materials for churches with little financial resources, all with a heavy emphasis on Africa.

This blog is our story- it is about kids ministry, cross-cultural kids ministry, missions, and Christian parenting. It is about America and Africa and the fingerprints both have left on our lives. It’s about sharing what we’ve learned along the way. I hope you’ll keep reading.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Cathy James says:

    Hi Robin,

    How can I get more information on your curriculum project? I just returned from a school in Malawi where they have a need for more culturally appropriate children’s Bible lessons. I found your blog, which eloquently describes some of the challenges I witnessed. I would like to know if your Principles for Life curriculum is available for others to use.

    Cathy James


    • Malcolms in Africa says:

      Hi Cathy! Let me check with the owners of the copyright. Up until now it’s been distributed through Assemblies of God missionaries and not for general sale but we’ve had enough inquiries that it’s possible they may be interested/willing. Can you send me your contact information by email? My email is weaverfinchcreative at outlook dot com. Thank you!


  2. Arthur says:

    Hello~ My name is Arthur. I will be going to Kenya, Nairobi in July for mission work for 6 months. For the last three months of the mission in Kenya I will be volunteering to teach English at the local school. I was wandering if I could get access to some curriculum resources which I can use and share with the native African teachers.


    • Malcolms in Africa says:

      Hi Arthur!

      We don’t supply curriculum resources to schools. That’s outside of our domain. I suspect a better approach for you would be to wait and see what they already have available, hear what they say their needs are, and decide how you can best use your own professional skills to help them with those needs. But I wish you all the best!

      (FWIW, I think that “national” African teachers is a better way to refer to them. Or better yet, “Kenyan” teachers. “Native” carries certain connotations I’m sure you don’t mean.)


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