About Us

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The Malcolm Family, 2011 Jake, Grace, Phil, and Robin


My name is Robin Malcolm. I wear lots of hats: I am a wife, mother, missionary, writer, and a children’s minister. I am a native of the Pacific Northwest but have lived in France, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, and Missouri. My husband Phil and I have two children– one launching out into adulthood, and one in college.

We have been full-time children’s missionaries since 1999. Prior to that, we were children’s pastors in Washington and Oregon states from 1991-1998. Through the years, we’ve been active in children’s ministry on every level from volunteer through national leadership, and in numerous cultures around the world. Currently we are involved in leadership training for children’s ministers, lay-training for children’s volunteers, and development of curriculum and training materials for churches with little financial resources, all with a heavy emphasis on Africa.

This blog is our story- it is about kids ministry, cross-cultural kids ministry, missions, and Christian parenting. It is about America and Africa and the fingerprints both have left on our lives. It’s about sharing what we’ve learned along the way. I hope you’ll keep reading.


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