A Tribute to the Humble Action-Packer

In conjunction with our current state of chaos and packing for Togo, I’d like to repost an earlier tribute I wrote to the humble Action Packer.

action packer

Action Packer, our longtime companion,

You are the exact size of most airlines maximum luggage size, but you hold so much stuff that its hard to keep you under airline regulation weight.
Your perfect size means there isn’t much that won’t fit.
You can take a beating from baggage handlers and keep going. You can keep that up for years.
You don’t mind sitting in the attic for a few years, collecting spiders and dust. But all it takes to clean you up is a few minutes with a hose.
You can double as an end table. A TV table. A coffee table. A toy-box. A serving table. An ottoman. A child’s bathtub.
In fact you’ve been my furniture more often in my life than I can count.
You’ve traveled the oceans in my shipping containers and come back in airline baggage holds.
You’ve been scooted around the house with a child inside and another one pushing and both of them laughing hysterically as you serve as a makeshift go-cart.
You’ve held everything my house needed and over the years you’ve seen everything from baby clothes to graduation caps and gowns, and back to baby toys being stored for the next generation.
I’ve bought at least 40 of you. I don’t remember ever throwing one away. You are covered with different notations, shipping marks, box numbers, old addresses and countless scrapes and scuffs. But you still keep going.
You are the best $30 piece of luggage we ever purchased.

AP 1

The AP as bathtub France, 2000

AP 2

The AP as a place to play. Packing for Cote d’Ivoire, 1999

On our way back to Cote d'Ivoire after a medical leave.

On our way back to Cote d’Ivoire after a medical leave. 2001



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