On kids, the Church, and the Great Commission

Blog Post #1. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

So what to say on the first one? I can’t possibly fit every thought that has crossed my mind in the last three years into one post. (Yes, three years. I set the WordPress account up three years ago and I am just now posting.) I can’t even write a sufficient introduction to every idea that has crossed my mind. So what do I say in the first one?

Is a blog with only one post sad? Will people read it? I guess there is only one way to find out. So here goes. . .

Why The Name: “The Malcolms in Africa”?

The simple answer is that we are the Malcolms and we do most of our work on behalf of children in Africa.  Although I (Robin) am am the one who had the dream of starting a blog, we do what we do together. My husband is Phil and we are Foreign Missionaries with a general appointment from the Assemblies of God. We started out in ministry for a short time as youth pastors in 1991. By the end of 1991, we had responded to a call to work with children and we served as children’s pastors in Washington and Oregon states from 1991-1998. In 1998, we were granted our current missions appointment, and in the years since, we have served in children’s ministry in multiple nations across Africa and around the world. We have two kids of our own- one is grown and one is almost grown.

But enough of the biography. There is plenty of time for me to tell our story, and that is one of the dreams I have for this little blog.

Why The Byline: “On kids, the Church, and the Great Commission”?

  • Kids: Ministry to children is what we do. It’s our calling, our passion, our work, and our heartbeat. Children’s ministry is the filter through which we personally perceive the activities, priorities, successes and failures of the church. It is the work we can’t let go of, and it is the work that won’t let go of us. We’ve seen God do some amazing things for kids, in kids’ lives, and through kids to reach other people. We want to tell you about it.
  • The Church: Whatever else we may be, we are followers of Jesus first. The Church, with a capitol “C,” is the embodiment of Jesus on earth, and we are all about building up the ministry of the Church. Acts 2:41-47 clearly demonstrates four functions the early Church filled in the lives of all believers. It existed for corporate worship, instruction in faith, fellowship of believers, and for the evangelization of the lost. The Church still serves those four functions today, and it should fill the same functions in the lives of children as it does for adults. We are want to help local congregations, anywhere, build ministry to children.
  • The Great Commission: Jesus’ last words to His followers before returning to Heaven were the command to go and make disciples of all nations. Children are not excluded from this important and final command. Children should be both recipients and participants in the Great Commission. We want to show you what God can do for and through kids by keeping you updated on our ministry to the children of Africa. But our hope is that we can encourage and equip those that work with children, whether they are in Africa, the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Eurasia, or at the very ends of the earth, to include kids in the mission of God.

So, Blog Post #1. Here we go. . .

Family promo photo

Phil and Robin Malcolm, Jake and Grace
Assemblies of God Missionaries to the Children of Africa


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